Iohan Gueorguiev – SEE THE WORLD 4 – National Parks


This video covers December 2014 – March 2015, cycling from Breckenridge, Colorado to San Diego, California. Along the way I visited many of America’s National Parks and when possible took backroads.

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Kind of tough editing this on the road, only had 5 days to wrap this up before going into mexico. Audio levels may not be the same throughout so you will probably need to turn volume up or down, sorry.

Music (All songs are royalty free or by permission, although some have been monetarized by their owners. sorry for the ads.)
In order of appearance:

Akashic Records – Elegant background music (1:12)
Akashic Records – Feel good acoustic ukelele (3:45)
Ground & Leaves – Hourglass (5:24)
Studio Large – Perfect travel (8:00)
Townhouse Woods – Cricket Hymn Pt 1 (12:21)
Bensound – Acoustic Breeze (14:45)
Kayla Luky – Two long years (17:10)
Josh Woodward – Cherry (instrumental) (21:10)
Kayla Luky – Arizona (24:40)
Bensound – Tenderness (27:25)
Ground & Leaves – Dark blue skies at noon (30:34)
Quebec man – original (recorded in Whitehorse, Yukon) (32:50)
Rocky Volato – Sunlight (34:35)
Ground & Leaves – Walk alone (38:25)
Jill Zimmerman – How true it is (42:05)
Backpack Wayne – Original #2 (45:22)
Esther Garcia – A thousand years (49:20)
Studio larga – Beautiful positive acoustic (52:40)
Kyle Johnson – Original (53:29)
Gunther Brown – California (56:20)
Bensound – Better Days (1:01:01)

(blackcanyon of Gunnison description by NPS!)