Dave Briggs – Cycling from Alaska to Argentina – Your Questions Answered


Thinking of cycling from Alaska to Argentina? Here, I answer some of the most FAQ I receive every week about bicycle touring along the Pan-American Highway. You can also read the full blog post here – https://www.davestravelpages.com/alaska-to-argentina-bike-ride

What was the average amount of money you spent each day?
What kind of bike did you use? Or was it multiple bikes?
What were any of the major differences when in Canada versus West Coast America versus South America in regard to the society or the people?
How was the cell service out of the country? Is there any at all?
How did you get past the Darien Gap?
Were you ever in life-threatening danger?
Were you ever robbed, mugged, shot at while crossing through South America?
What’s the best strategy for crossing deserts?
Why did you not go the entire way to the end?

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