Ryan Van Duzer – Biking to Burningman-Day 10-The Legend of Jungo Road


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Our Goal is simple: Have fun, Be safe and Pedal like crazy! We’re setting off on a 1,000 mile, 10 day journey to Burningman from our hometown of Boulder, Colorado. In this episode, I wake up in the middle of nowhere alongside Jungo Road. Mysterious creatures have visited during the night and stole my shoe. I’ve only heard horror stories about how desolate and dangerous this stretch of road is, and I’m determined to stay safe. It’s 90 miles of nothing and no services, but it’s peaceful, beautiful and there’s hardly any traffic. As I get closer and closer to Black Rock City, I can begin to see the outline of the Playa in a cloud of dust. This the moment that I’ve been waiting for, will I successfully make it into the backside of Burningman without getting busted by the BLM Rangers? With my ticket in hand, I make a break for it…

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Filmed on the Sony A6300 and Action Cam
Songs from Killer Tracks:Desert Club,Steady Triumph, Blossom,