Iohan Gueorguiev – SEE THE WORLD 18: The Paramo and The Plains (Colombia)


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Episode 18 from SEE THE WORLD video series, documenting a ride from Alaska to Argentina and beyond. ( )

Finally back in Colombia and on the way south, except not… A Colombian wrote to me and invited me to ride to Venezuela, so why not! This episode includes a short ride over the Paramo, a bike change and spending three amazing weeks in the Eastern Plains – the roadless, free and windy part of Colombia.

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Music (under the youtube license, hence the ads on the video)
Gregory Alan Isakov – Only Ghosts
Classicos Colombianos – El Barcino
Bela Fleck, Flecktones – Big Country
Eddie Vedder – Long nights
Tallest Man on Earth – I won’t be found
Xavier Rudd – Follow the sun
Jorge Guererro – Anoranzas