Dave Briggs – Endura Hummvee Shorts for Bike Touring – Endura Hummvee Review


I’ve been using Endura Hummvee shorts for bike touring for years. Why? They’re tough, look good, and seem to last forever. Here’s my Endura Hummvee review based on years of constant use. I compare a new pair to a pair of shorts I used in over 10,000 kms of bicycle touring and explain why I think they are a good option.

Additional Information

Read my in-depth review here – https://www.davestravelpages.com/endura-hummvee

Main features of the Endura Humvee 3/4 length shorts

Teflon coated – This aids in repelling water
Zipped ventilation
Zipped side pockets
Two rear tabbed pockets (for maps)
Keychain fob
Front tabbed pocket
Zipped front pocket
Constructed from reinforced panels