Dave Briggs – Bike Touring Gear I Used For A Bike Tour of the Peloponnese in Greece


This is the bike touring gear I used for my Hercules Bike tour of the Peloponnese in Greece.

The bike tour was around a month long, and the cycle touring gear I took with me included camping gear, wet weather clothes, a laptop, bike tour filming gear, and toolkit among other items.

I’ve used most of this bike touring gear on other long distance bicycle touring trips, and so am comfortable in both using it, and carrying it on the bike.

I don’t think there’s anything too controversial here, as the bike tour gear pretty much includes what I knew I would need based on my previous bike touring experience totalling over 40,000 kms.

Here are two points though about the bike touring kit:

1. I did not take a camp stove on this bicycle tour. If the tour was for a longer period of time, I would probably have included one along with all the associated items needed. By not taking one, I have probably saved myself up to 2kgs if not more in weight.

2. No front panniers on this trip. Admittedly, the bicycle did feel a little ‘back heavy’ at times, but got through the trip with no dramas. I didn’t break a spoke, but then again it’s a well built long distance touring bike. I didn’t even get a puncture on this cycle tour – Lady Luck was shining on me!

Additional note – I didn’t mention my ‘day to day’ cycling clothes. These consist of cycling shoes, a T-shirt, Endura Hummvee shorts, sock, hat and sunglasses.

During this bike tour of the Peloponnese region in Greece, I made a vlog a day. You can check out the playlist here – https://www.davestravelpages.com/peloponnese-bike-tour-playlist

A deeper look at the bike touring gear I will be using for my Hercules bike tour of the Peloponnese in Greece. – https://www.davestravelpages.com/bike-touring-gear-list-for-the-hercules-bike-tour-of-peloponnese/

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