Dave Briggs – Cycle Touring Greece Day 8 – Meteora to Metsovo


This was a challenging day’s cycling over the notorious Katara Pass between Meteora and Metsovo. Peaking at a height of 1700 metres, there was a lot of uphill pedalling!

Fortunately, the weather was ideal, and the scenery great company along the way. This was day 8 of my cycle touring in Greece trip.

NOTE- Yes I know the audio quality is poor. Not a lot I can do about it sadly, as the audio was recorded through the Go-Pro and it’s not always 100% reliable. On future tours, I may use a separate device to record commentary.

Read more about this bike tour here: https://www.davestravelpages.com/cycling-in-central-greece/

Daily Spend updates:
Daily spend – 16.5
Average daily spend so far (8 days) – 32.77
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