Dave Briggs – Cycle Touring Greece Day 9 – Cycling from Metsovo to Ioannina


With the Katara Pass behind me, it was time to cycle from Metsovo to Ioannina.
I was warned that there might be aggressive shepherds dogs along the way. I got hassled three times by them, but fortunately it was all on downhill sections.
If I had been cycling the other way from Ioannina to Metsovo it might have been more difficult!
I finished the day in a camping in Ioannina. Not the best run place in the world, but it will do for 2 nights!

read more about the bike tour here: https://www.davestravelpages.com/cycling-in-central-greece/

End of day reports:
Daily spend – 46 euro
Average daily spend – 34.24 euro
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