Dave Briggs – Cycle Touring Greece Day 17 – Kato Chora to Delphi


This was by far the biggest day of my tour. Well over 120 kms and included over 1500 metres of total elevation as I cycled between Kato Chora and Delphi.
As you might expect, there were a few mountains along the way, and spectacular views of all the Greek countryside.
I managed to cycle into the campground at Delphi (second time lucky!) just before sunset. It was pretty exhausting, but I like to through these tougher days into the bike tour every now and again, just to make sure I’ve still go it!
More about the bicycle tour in Greece: https://www.davestravelpages.com/cycling-in-central-greece/

Bike Touring Budget

Daily spend – 70 Euro
Average daily spend (17 days) – 34.57
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