Dave Briggs – Cycle Touring Greece Day 19 – Bike Touring Kit Review


A day off the bike to do some work in Delphi, so I decided to do a quick review of the bike touring kit I’ve been using during the bike tour so far.
For the most part, I’ve been pretty pleased with the selection, although the handlebar bag could do with being a little better. Knowing that I need to buy one in the future, I’ve created a guide to the best handlebar bags for touring here – https://www.davestravelpages.com/best-bike-handlebar-bag-for-touring-waterproof-handlebar-bags/

Read more about the bike tour here: https://www.davestravelpages.com/cycling-in-central-greece/

Bike Touring Budget
I’ve been keeping track of how much I spend during this bike tour in Greece. The statistics so far are:
Today I spent – 31 Euro
Average daily spend so far (19 days) – 34.01

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