Dave Briggs – Cycle Touring Greece Day 23 and 24 – Cycling Thebes to Athens


After sitting out the bad weather in Thebes for an extra day, I finally started the last day of my bike tour in Greece.
Today, I was cycling from Thebes to Athens, taking a challenging mountain route that provided spectacular views on the way in.
Thios is not the final video in the series though. At least one more is to follow which talks about the bike touring budget, and I’d also love to do a bike tour summary in a separate video if time allows.

Read more about the bicycle tour: https://www.davestravelpages.com/cycling-in-central-greece/

Bike Touring Budget

Daily Spend Day 23 – 0 Euro
Daily Spend Day 24 – 60 Euro
Average daily spend – 35.36 Euro per day

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