Iohan Gueorguiev – SEE THE WORLD 29: La Ruta De Los Seis Miles (Bikepacking Argentina)


****audio is out from min 11:13 to 17:30 , you can play your own song or Bill Callahan – Winter Road (which was in the video before but the song availability changed)
29th episode of SEE THE WORLD video series, bikepacking from Alaska to Argentina and around the world

Finally after almost 5 years – in ARGENTINA! This one starts in San Pedro de Atacama in Chile and ends near a roadless 5600meter pass in the middle of nowhere. Starting on an old but still ocassionally used train track and moving onto the remote and dry Argentinian high desert – the Puna. Its a constant battle with the wind and trying to make sure I have enough water while the least of my concerns are the sandy and rough roads. While tough, muting the sound and adding music makes these landscapes so amazing – i would space out for hours at a time while walking my bike with the wind and wonder where the day went! A short resupply stop and off again!

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notes: the miners are actually aqueduct construction workers but saying miners was just easier; the train track is not abandoned and i was listening and watching for a train!; the volcano is the second highest “active” volcano in the world; error with the subtitles during the TV news;
as a side note – i take no claim that this is how the world is! This is just what I saw, what I like to videotape and what I like to show (so basically lots of donkeys and dogs!). I dont like cities too much and rarely find the courage to film there, Fiambala for example was a very cool town and worth visiting! I for example was too busy stuffing my face with food and scrambling to organize food and research the route for the next 15 days.

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Jeremy Messersmith – Ghost
Charlie Jefferson – Smoky Mountains
Bill Callahan – Too Many Birds
Gustavo Santaolalla – The Journey
Yann Tiersen – Porz Goret
The SteelDrivers – Where Rainbows Never Die
Charliie Jefferson – Wheels of Dust
Gustavo Santaolalla – Compañeros del Sendero
Iron and Wine – The Trapeze Swinger
Trevor Hall – Green Mountain State

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Spanish – Enediel Gonzales