Iohan Gueorguiev – Bikepacking Chile: The Mountains The Coast and a Rubber Boat (SEE THE WORLD 32)


hi my name is iohan and this is the 32nd episode of bikepacking from Alaska to Argentina and around the world. This one picks up right at the lunar landscape at the end of episode 31 and also sheds more light as to what caused this entire valley to be covered in rocks, sand and ash. After 12 days I finally reach civilization/town and take a detour to the coast for a week, followed by some packrafting again in the mountains… on the way to Patagonia. #chile #bikepacking #packrafting

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many of these songs are long and recent favorites but after argentina and for europe i will be switching to free (or licensed) songs to avoid many of the issues that are arising on older videos.
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Great Lake Swimmers – Fields of Progeny (and french version)
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Gregory Alan Isakov (CO symphony) – That Sea, The Gambler
Tony Anderson – The King
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Max Richter – The Departure
Johnny Cash – I’ve been everywhere
Sky Gienger – Known