Green Travel Bicycle Touring – Alpine Winter Adventure . (Fat Bicycle Touring) (:Part One:)

Fat Bicycle Touring Australian Alpine 2019.
Mt Jagungal Wilderness. (steep cuttings, icy creek crossing, muddy snowy tracks)
(:Part One:) Sart: NSW Australia, Bradney’s Gap (Tooma rd) to (Ogilvies rest area camp.) Round Mt fire trail to (Derschkos Hut) to Grey Mare trail left, little creek crossing up foot pad to Mt Jagungal 2062 metres. Back to (Derschkos hut camp.) Grey Mare to Valentines trail (end part one) Part two Valentines trail (Valentines hut) to Schlinks trail (camp under power line) to Geehi Dam rd to Alpine way to (Geehi hut camp outside) Alpine way to Youngal rd to summit (camp top) Indi trail to tiger trail drop down to Khancoban Pondage left Alpine way right Tooma rd (finish).
Bicycle: Muru Titanium Fat Bicycle 4 inch tyres Jumbo Jim’s
Solar charger AllPowers 60 water foldable