Green Travel Bicycle Touring – Bicycle Touring Stopped by wobbling.

After leaving Albury fully loaded with the Mate extrawheel trailer. I got serve speed wobbles. In the end it was so dangerous I had to ride of the side of the road on the gravel. This was not enjoyable at all. I stopped after a day trying to decide what to do. I was going to lighten my load as much as possible & continue. Then my power supply battery 50 000 mAh just stopped & showed no charge. My sister was selling my old car cheap so I decided to buy that so I can figure all this out. So now I’m back in Wodonga for a bit waiting on equipment. I’ve fixed the wobbling issue at last with a Cane creek Viscoset. This headset has disc’s inside which counter act it. (It’s worked) I’ve also bought the Mavic air 2 dji drone & ordered a new laptop to render hdr video 4k. A wireless stereo microphone & new tripod. Also the jones handlebars & some more stuff. So now I’m learning the drone & waiting a bit for the equipment to arrive. I will be touring in remote places a week or two at a time. Soon as I can