Iohan Gueorguiev – Bikepacking Ruta de los Seis Miles and The Road to Rodeo (45days, 1000+km in Argentina EP29+30)


This is a video documenting a 45+ day ride in Norther Argentina as part of my Alaska to Argentina and around the world bike trip. Starting in December 2018 in San Pedro de Atacama and finishing in Rodeo, Argentina I follow Ruta de los Seis miles from before turning off to explore the Corona del Inca crater and an unknown roadless valley covered with Vicuna bones. The entire route is above 4000m except for the fox/donkey valley and the only resupply town on the way – Fiambala.
The original videos were first published in 2019 but there were issues with some of the songs. This fixes those (although sometimes having to cut narration along with the background of those songs) and combines both videos for a more complete overview of the Puna for a total runtime of 1h45m.
Sylvain’s video of this including his start in chile:

bike & gear:
the video project:
with gear from Fatback, DeNolin, Elevation Wheelworks, Baryak

based on the official Los Seis Miles routes by Taneli on (please read thoroughly if thinking of attempting this):
additional inspiration and routes, thank you Skyler and Scott:

a journal of this section:

Timestamps of specific places or highlights:
0:02:43 Railway to Paso Socompa and to the first abandoned rail station in Argentina
0:09:18 Trying to climb Lullullilaco 6723m
0:15:30 The Ghost Town of mine La Casualidad and its abandoned church, two lost dog brothers live here
0:20:50 First detour from Los Seis Miles Route, taking a shortcut and camping on the far end of flamingo lake
0:25:13 IF YOU CAME HERE FOR THE FOX. 0:24:13 to watch the whole section and hear my all time favorite song covered by a friend. This is one of the lowest altitudes along the whole route at just 3500m
0:33:15 I decide to go to town via the main route to resupply rather than my planned direct meet with Sylvain. Initial plan was for him to bring 7 days of food and we bike out together but if I stock up, we can explore further instead of returning to civilization.
0:36:28 NEW YEAR 2018/2019, hot springs and a dog friend! Next day I met humans (its been about 20 days since i saw anyone)
0:41:28 Interview on TV in Fiambala and stocking up on food
0:43:51 Starting Los Seis Miles Sur section
0:49:15 leaving the main route for the final time, following the Life on Mars route along Corona del Inca (and thanks for Johnson from Fiambala for confirming that!)
0:53:20 start of EP30, camp at 5300m beside an icefield (penitente)
0:55:52 meeting a British hiker, back to a simpler time when Brexit was the biggest thing happening around the world
0:58:55 Sylvain had waited an extra day at the refugio, we now make our own way out of this cold and windy place
1:04:45 If you can watch one section of this video, this is my favorite.
1:06:19 We chatted with sylvain after and he was trying to say that the wind would be better once we turn around after the pass
1:19:01 Pumpkin huts and flowing water, glamping in the Andes!
1:23:14 This is where we shot for, this was our exit, we might have gotten a ride in a car out of here if we were low on food. Wait. This is no road!
1:34:33 We wont be food for the birds yet!
1:36:07 Road is uncompleted infront of a rockface
1:39:39 I think we made it.
1:43:46 WE MADE IT. few Q&A about favorite gear and that plastic bag Sylvain is holding is cake! He had saved a cake all this time for my birthday which was that day!

Music: All of these songs are either used by permission or under youtube’s policy and these are some of my favorite songs as well! There is too much wind in the puna to play the natural sound :). Great music below:
0:02:51 A.A. Bondy – When the Devil’s Lose
0:06:50 Charlie Jefferson – Smoky Mountains
0:15:52 Gustavo Santaolalla – The Journey
0:20:55 Yann Tiersen – Porz Goret
0:24:10 Trish – Stable song cover (original by Gregory Alan Isakov)
0:34:35 Kayla Luky – The Time it Takes
0:41:20 Fiambala, somehow i ended up on tv there
0:46:15 Iron and Wine – The Trapeze Swinger
0:50:38 The Middle East – Deep Water
1:00:25 Denniyah – Sailor (Acoustic version)
1:04:52 Sleeping at Last – Saturn
1:09:30 Shawn James – Through the Valley
1:13:17 Calexico and Iron & Wine – He Lays in the Reins
1:24:09 Charlie Jefferson – Wheels on Dust
1:32:53 Mandolin Orange – Into The Sun
1:37:22 Townes Van Zandt – Pancho and Lefty
1:41:44 Johnny Cash & Waylon Jennings – Folks out on the Road
1:47:59 Dennyiah – Big God (Florence + The Machine cover)