Iohan Gueorguiev – SEE THE WORLD 2: ALASKA


How would you describe Alaska?

A 37-day bicycle trip across Alaska, cycling the Denali Highway, Dalton Highway, Denali National Park, down to Palmer and then the Glenallen and ALCAN to Haines.

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Driftwood Holly (
Helpless (cover, with Harmonica George)
Trappers Home
Little Lily Mammoth Hair
Introducing the Bryant Crooks

Ben Peck – Original
Emil – Poncho and Lefty (cover)
Backpack Wayne – Original #2 and Original #3
Cody and Wayne – Guaranteed (cover)
Cody and Harrison – I’ve been everywhere (cover)
Max – Original instrumental
Harmonica George – For Brenda
Dave Savage – In the Lobby
Carol Reid – Denali
Kevin Downey – Need to Know (
Chris Zabriskie – The Temperature of the air on the bow of the Kaleetan (

Tom Ross – Talles Man on Earth (cover)

filmed and edited by Iohan Gueorguiev

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