Dave Briggs – Cycling Via Verde Baix Ebre + Terra Alta in Catalonia (Cycling Greenway in Catalonia)


A video of my experience cycling along the Via Verde Baix Ebre and Via Verde Terra Alta in Catalonia.
These two cycling tracks follow an old railway line along the La Val de Zafán in Catalonia. Safely away from the traffic, cyclists can enjoy the scenery on a nicely maintained cycling track.
The via verde or greenway is one of many in Catalonia. I started cycling in the town of Tortusa, passed through Pinell de Brai where I stopped off at a Cathedral of WIne (yes seriously!), and eventually finished at Horta Sant Joan.
Most people choose to cycle the via verde in the opposite direction, as it is slightly downhill. It wasn’t a major issue though, and it gave me more time to see the stunning Terra Alta! I’ve really enjoyed cycling Catalonia, and hope to return to the region soon!
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