Dave Briggs – Cycling Mount Ymittos in Athens and January 2018 Goals Report


January 31st 2018, and it’s a bright sunny day, so I decided to go cycling up Mount Ymittos in Athens! It was the perfect opportunity to get a few miles in, and also go over my progress towards the goals I had set myself earlier during the year.
You might notice me say ‘workout 20 hours a week’, and ‘read 30 hours a week’ – I meant month in these examples! I’ve put down my goals below so you can see what they were, along with my progress towards them during January.
Did you set yourself any goals for 2018, and if so, how did you get on during January? Let us know by leaving a comment below!
— — — — — — — —
1. I will easily read for at least 30 hours per month – Only read for 16 hours
2. I will easily workout for at least 20 hours per month – Worked out for 21.5 hours – Win!
3. I will easily cycle at least 200 kms per month – Cycled 207kms – Just!
4.I will easily walk at least 90 kms per month – I only walked for 60 kms in January 2018. Very poor!
5. I will easily visit at least 4 new countries in 2018 – I didn’t visit any new countries in January, but I have plans to visit two new countries already for 2018!
6. I will easily complete at least 3 mini bike tours in 2018 – Zero in January. First one happening in February 2018
7. I will easily complete at least a 1 month bike tour in 2018 – Zero in January, but the concept and part route is now planned.
8. I will easily go to at least 3 live gigs in 2018 – I went to see on live gig in January 2018. Kreator!
9. I will easily maintain my weight under 85kgs throughout the year – Didn’t get down to under 85kgs in January, but sure I will do this easily in February!
10. I will easily be able to touch my toes by December 31, 2018 – Still can’t touch my toes. Maybe I should make a video!