Dave Briggs – Cycling from Athens to Rafina and February 2018 monthly goals report


At the beginning of each month, I make a video about the progress I made during the previous month towards the goals I set myself at the beginning of the year. I also combine this with a bike ride! In this video, I cycle from Athens to Rafina by the coast, and then go over my February 2018 monthly goals report.
In the video, I mention that I will write down here what my travel, health, fitness and well-being goals are for the year, and the progress I made towards them in February 2018. They are:

1. I will easily read for at least 30 hours per month (result 15 hours in Feb)
2. I will easily workout for at least 20 hours per month (result 20.75 hours in Feb)
3. I will easily cycle at least 200 kms per month (result 232 kms in Feb)
4. I will easily walk at least 90 kms per month (result 31.5 kms in Feb)
5. I will easily visit at least 4 new countries in 2018 (zero so far in 2018. 2 planned)
6. I will easily complete at least 3 mini bike tours in 2018 (1 mini bike tour completed so far in 2018)
7. I will easily complete at least a 1 month bike tour in 2018 (scheduled for mid April)
8. I will easily go to at least 3 live gigs in 2018 (1so far)
9. I will easily maintain my weight under 85kgs throughout the year (great in February – consistently between 84kgs and 84.8)
10. I will easily be able to touch my toes by December 31, 2018 (No where near yet!!)


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