Iohan Gueorguiev – The Amazing Free-Range Dogs of South America


Hello, here is a short video of footage of the free-range and homeless dogs of the Andes. Mostly from Peru and Colombia. These pups survive some of the hardest conditions of altitudes up to 5000m. Many have a house or two that they go to for food but some are left on their own, scavenging for dead alpacas, cows or whatever they can find. As a dog-lover visiting these places and finding the dogs so friendly is amazing!!!

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MUSIC: Ataque 77 – Ojos De Pero (I do not own copyright but YouTube allows me to use this song. Any ads or viewing restrictions are due to that.)

There is only so little you can show with a video but these dogs are AMAZING and the way they survive/interact with humans. They each have their own story and here a few:

0:15 The Ausangate Trek dog guide, he started walking with me from a little village. He walked for 6 days and I saw at least one other online blog where he accompanied a group of hikers!
1:20 Wet dog! The little pup came out of nowhere at a 4000m pass in Colombia with 3 other dogs. The 3 dogs left but the little one stayed with me. I set up camp at an old Refugio, hoping the clouds would clear up so I can see an old volcano but it rained for 2 days as I waited. On the final day we got a little bit of sunset and howled at it!
1:50 Cow charging a dog. Middle of nowhere, 2 days by hiking both ways from the nearest road. This ranch was removing the uhm… some parts of the little bulls and they were getting pretty angry so they were charging everywhere. The dog kept an eye on the bulls to protect everyone else (although we were behind a wooden fence)
2:00 Huayhuash Trek poodle, at first very suspicious as his family had left the house with the alpacas and he was looking after it. She was brave enough to let me pet her and went with me and a friend for an hour.
2:06 Dread dog. Sadly he was absolutely unused to humans or maybe abused by the villagers. He was very scared but truly enjoyed a half pack of tortillas and my last canned tuna!
2:13 Bob Marley Dog! The shepherd he was following did not speak any Spanish (only Kechua) so I could not ask him to cut the dreads on his tail, which seemed very heavy. The head dreads are perfect!!!
2:20 Ecuadorian poodles! Contrary to what you may think of normal poodles that they are soft, these mountain beasts are strong, smart and brave. He was always suspicious of me, even though I had tea with his owners. He stole an entire sausage in a wrap from my tent. In the morning we briefly made friends before his instincts kicked in again and he was very cautious around the sunburned gringo who was trying to pet him!
3:10 The black dog (“Negra” – Blackie in english). She was always sad, even when waiting for the bubbling hot soup for breakfast. Her human, a native man lives at a remote ranch at 4300m and takes care of over 150 sheep. His family is back in town (since there are no schools here) and he is known to wave down cyclists from the road and invite them for food and to rest.
3:24 Puppy Rottweiler (?) adorable pup, he was down to play in the snow with me and a black sheep that was around. Sadly he started following me so I was worried he may not be able to go back since he is so young. I carried him back to his house and handed it to an old lady that did not speak Spanish. I did my best to sign language that he wants to follow and I think she understood and took him inside the small stone hut.
5:20 A breakfast break in Colombia