Iohan Gueorguiev – Bikepacking Argentina: The Patagonia Express ( SEE THE WORLD episode 34)


34th episode of biking from Alaska to Argentina and around the world. This one takes place right after the snow and cold of episode 33, Winter Road. The plan was to get to Argentina where I heard there is less rain and snow and try to find the old Patagonian Express, a train track through the Pampa where the steam train might still pass every now and then.

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Also thanks to these awesome companies & individuals for the gear & support over the years:
Elevation Wheel Company (Chris Murray, after 4 years has finally moved onto full-time wheelbuilder and he is always helping me with bike-related stuff and guiding me through current bike problems! 🙂 )
Fatback Bikes (Fuzzy & Cameron for the support and currently setting up a new bike build)
BarYak (Tina & Joe for being generally awesome bikers and sending over various things to test and try to brake oh and the chicken and instant mash potatoes)
DeNolin – for the nice rain jacket that has been the most waterproof jacket i have ever owned.

not to mention all the nice people i have met on the way!
-Ricardo for offering a place to crash and base of operations for a while. And for looking after Shadow
-The camping at Parque Nacional Lanin, where i was invited to stay indoors
-The arrieros that i met on the way and their unmatched kindness.
-Junina and El Viejo Pastor at El Maiten
-The train enthusiasts who had rented the train and allowed me to be around as they also filmed
-Pablo & extended faimily in Esquel and thank you for your determination to find a fix for the bike.

Thank you Matt, Jolene and Patricia for previewing and feedback on the video!

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Other Lives – Old Statues
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Reuben and the Dark – Devil’s Time
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Ewen Carruthers – The Railroad and the Plow
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