Iohan Gueorguiev – [4k v2] The Jeep, the Drones and the Andes (Shawn James – The Curse of the Fold)


the alternative version of the Jeep, the Drones and the Andes
music: Shawn James – Curse of the Fold
His music is absolutely amazing, from the wolf to unreleased songs! You will hear a lot more of him in the coming weeks

Some FPV and Drone flying around the high altitude volcanic corridor of Los Seis Miles. Dennyiah’s Big God cover is just perfect for the big scenery of the Andes! Highest altitude takeoff: 6000m, the 4×4 ~4800m, and Matt’s FPV has likely broken 6k but there are is no way to measure it.

FPV footage by Matt @Chile Vuela
Drone & Editing by iohan:
Thank you matt for letting me borrow your mavic pro after my drone crashed.

This is also a preview/teaser of episode 41 which will be in the area.
“fold” is misspelled in the video, sorry!