Ryan Van Duzer – Hydration Tips for Athletes-How to Use Electrolytes, Salts, and Good ol’ H2O

Staying hydrated is KEY for athletic performance. This video will teach you all about electrolytes, salts, and how much you should be drinking during...

Ryan Van Duzer – Dana’s Life Advice is Some of the Best!

I've learned a lot about life from Dana. She's one of the most incredible people I've ever met, and I'm fortunate to call her...

Ryan Van Duzer – How To Bicycle Tour? This Will Motivate You To Hit The Road!

I've been traveling by bike for 15 years and it's without a doubt, my favorite way to see the world. This video is aimed...

Ryan Van Duzer – How Much Money Does My 50k Subscriber YouTube Channel Make? + Analytics

How much do I make on YouTube? Who watches my videos? What is my most popular video? I take a deep dive into my...

Ryan Van Duzer – I’ve Been YouTubing for over 10 years and I Finally Reached 50k Subs!

I've been creating videos for YouTube for 13 years and I love it more than ever! My first videos videos were pretty crappy, but...

Dave Briggs – Bike Touring Budget- How much does it cost to go bicycle touring?

In this video, I share my bike touring budget for my most recent bicycle tour in Greece, and also share way that you can...

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